Nine Cent Girl is 8!!

Love a party!?!? Well, you’re in luck, because I have an epic reason to celebrate, for this month Nine Cent Girl turns 8! Who would have thought I’d have this much to write, keeping a weekly blog going week after week after week? Hahaha, I hear what you’re thinking, you all do! Let’s celebrate!

birthday girl

Over the years I’ve had my favorite topics, and you might all guess what those have been if you’re a regular to this blog. Many of my most precious posts have been centered on my family; seasonal fashion shoots a close second. Regardless, I love having this digital discourse, from my mind to yours, during all that has occupied my life over these long years. Nine Cent Girl is my musings, and a pathway to learn about my own self, simply from writing each Thursday night. What a gift to have all you patient and attentive readers on this inner journey with me. Thank you for being here!

Over these years, Facebook has been a primary way to reach many of you. Twitter and Instagram another, but I ask you, if you haven’t already, to consider following my blog via email. I do not advertise on my site (in fact, I pay extra to NOT run ads), nor do I accept product endorsement opportunities. I write as I am moved to, freely, and hope my words alone connect with you. On my blog, you can find a box (like the one below) on the right side of your screen. Simply click and add your email, so each time I publish, you’ll receive my latest post. This way you’ll never miss a word.

Like many of us, I am finding less reason to look to social media as a means to communicate, or as a reliable platform to share ideas, so I do hope you will consider joining the Nine Cent Girl email family. As an added incentive, I’m plotting a 9¢grl tee-shirt giveaway to several lucky email followers in the new year (design in the works!!).

Life continues to enthrall me, challenge me, frustrate me, stimulate me, and just make me write. With time flying at record speed these busy days, and 2019 on the horizon, I am encouraged to live fully, savoring all these glorious moments, and writing into the tomorrows. Now, let’s celebrate!

blow the candles out

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