Nine Cent Girl is 8!!

Love a party!?!? Well, you’re in luck, because I have an epic reason to celebrate, for this month Nine Cent Girl turns 8! Who would have thought I’d have this much to write, keeping a weekly blog going week after week after week? Hahaha, I hear what you’re thinking, you all do! Let’s celebrate!

birthday girl

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Nine Cent Girl Anniversary!!

Yippee!! I’m still blogging after another year! Yup it’s true, I’m sliding past year 5, because, well, I clearly have a vast outpouring of words and ideas and blogging allows me to release all of that into the blogosphere. Thankfully after each post many of you click the like tab, others leave a thoughtful comment, and there are still others who let me know in person exactly what my blog means to you. No matter how you contact me, I am humbled by your continued support and am encouraged to keep tapping my keyboard and publishing every Thursday evening.


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Reflection feeds Enterprise

Time and time again I am reminded of the value of reflection. In fact, many of my posts have been just that actually: my reflections, my questions, my searches. Thankfully, over this past year, you readers have followed my querying with enthusiasm. Daily I am buoyed by the comments left by so many!

Data too is often part of reflection, and as WordPress has sent this analysis along, I read through to discover my most popular posts (although many of my favorites didn’t make the list), my most steady commenters  (thanks to all, named and unnamed, for your support), and my most trusted search avenues (hurray for fans!): I see the ways Nine Cent Girl connects in this digital sphere.

I offer the following report in celebration of my 2012 blog posts with the hope to continue the same energy and enterprise straight through 2013! Wish me luck… and thanks for tagging along!

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