the best birthday girl

Tonight I celebrate my mother’s would be 90th birthday. Yes, I know she’s gone, although a force like hers can’t be contained in a simple afterlife, right? Of course I’m sad not to have her physically with us, but wow, did we have spectacular fun these last many decades. Holidays and vacations and just spur of the minute plans that would always turn into something fabulous.

Collage of Mom photos

Hard to complain when one’s memory is filled with highlights all created by the best birthday-girl party-girl around. If you knew my mother you’re nodding your head, remembering your own special moments, when she worked the quietest room into a merry cheer, or, as you witnessed her retelling, you heard the best rendition of your life possible. Hyperbole to her marrow, but still, she believed in your very best self, and was willing to cheer-lead until you knew that truth too. For years if necessary.

If you can, pour a glass tonight. Fill it full. Raise it high. Cheer the birthday girl. Click your glass with the bottle, or a lover’s, or with a whole crowd in a noisy bar, and give Eileen McAllister Donovan a shout out. And then, tell a story about your very best self…make it bigger than life and sweeter than possible and believe it to be true. She’d just love that… xxoo




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