free 99

What’s better than free, right? Lately I am taking advantage of the gifts that come my way, especially the free ones. Such as my new favorite online yoga instructor. And those wonderful Oprah & Deepak Meditation Series. Even the road I ran on this afternoon. All free 99.

field in Vermont

30 Days of Yoga with Adriene has been a life-saver for me this summer, with travel and odd scheduling. Besides the free part, is the convenience part. Being able to do yoga, at home, when you have the time, with an instructor who is all fun, is the best. I urge you to give Adriene a try. Getting centered, stretching, and feeling empowered is what her programs are all about.

Interested in an internal connection? There are countless meditation programs for you to explore, but I happily follow every opportunity Oprah offers. She and Deepak Chopra have teamed up since 2013 to provide free 21 Day experiences. Each meditation series betters their last. But when I’m not following theirs I connect through the 1 Giant Mind app. I love the universal and simple approach, “The 1 Giant Mind technique is for anyone who wants to feel happier, less stressed and more energized.” That’s everyone, right?

corn field in Stowe

Of course outdoor physical exercise can be free too. If you run along the roadways or cycle the bike path. I am quite lucky to live between two towns which offers a variety of great road or mountain biking for anyone and everyone. I am partial to the Stowe Recreation Path with its miles of country riding and consider myself fortunate to get there before dusk to pedal through all that beauty.

Message of the week: appreciate the gifts that come your way, either through an app, or online service, or just right outside your door. Take in the free 99 with a smile and gratitude. What’s your free 99?

5 thoughts on “free 99

  1. What a great article Moira! Your ‘free 99’ has so much to give and you inspire me to discover my own ‘free 99’! I love the last photo in this article, the white clouds, the blue sky; the cornfield… Just wonderful!

    Vivienne X

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