Republicans, This Is Your President

Headlines from coast to coast state the current crisis in our leadership better than I could…of course you might want to dig a bit and read past the headlines, but if you’re pressed for time, these statements might be all you need to gauge the American opinion of who exactly is at our helm.

Trump Gives White Supremacists an Unequivocal Boost (New York Times)

Trump Loses Corporate America (Wall Street Journal)

Seagull flying over Lake Champlain

Trump administration wants to praise the county mayor in Miami. He just slammed Trump (Miami Herald)

David Duke and Donald Trump and the long ties of history (Chicago Tribune)

Former presidents Bush rebuke Trump’s neo-Nazi stance (Dallas News)

Trump Defends Initial Remarks on Charlottesville; Again Blames ‘Both Sides’ (New York Times)

Donald Trump’s approval rating lowest since taking office (Detroit Free Press)

Wildflowers along Vermont roadside

Republicans, business leaders grapple with Trump’s defense of white supremacists (Los Angeles Times)

With New Remarks on Charlottesville, Trump Leaves Himself Isolated (Wall Street Journal)

President Trump flunks a moral test (The Economist)

Republicans, This Is Your President (New York Times)

One day of headlines. Perhaps this division and hate is Trump’s vision for America but it doesn’t have to be ours. I’m confident it’s not mine. Nor my parent’s. Who thankfully taught me to love, unequivocally, all people. Through their example. If your preacher/priest/minister/rabbi/ whoever stands at the pulpit, is fueling an evil course, exit that building. It’s damaging your soul and such a congregation should be shut down. If your teacher is blaming ‘both sides’ (along with Trump), walk out and ask to be switched to a different class. They shouldn’t be lecturing such wrongs. Let them know that. If your parents still support Trump, regardless of his actions since becoming President, tell them to educate themselves by reading all the news. Yeah, all of it. Perhaps they need to listen to a younger crowd. Like you. Or consider something beyond their country club banter or their inane fears or their own unchecked racism.

Time has shown there is no place for Trump’s ineffective and damaging leadership in our world. No place in 2017. Most Americans agree with this, as is obvious by his declining approval rating. But even more so by the man himself, a twittering fool who has little regard for you, or me, or anyone who opposes him. In such a short time, he has proven all this to be the truth.

Lake Champlain, Vermont

Yes, there may always be different angles in which to view every situation, but upon close examination there is only one complete story. The Confederacy was defeated in 1865 but today, over a hundred years later, those rusty yet existing chains of racism need be abolished from our hearts and lives for real. For all of us to move forward we must stand united in this at least. Let hatred die today. Let the monuments to that hatred topple. Let the hoods come off and a new dawn break. Let us discover how to make lives matter. This is the only truth we need to tell.




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