Feel the Freedom

As illusive and fleeting as youth, summer days come rippling through our lives, but we panic. What to do with a sunny Saturday? That one long weekend in July? Quickly, family gatherings, backyard barbecues, tasks only completed in warm weather, and much more, fill our calendar. Can I request we all collectively push the pause button? Stop for a moment? Take a look at green? And blue? Listen to the cardinal’s song and walk along the water’s edge? Exhale America, here comes our Independence Day. A time to feel the freedom.

daisies on a Vermont roadside

So far in 2017, much of what we hold dear is in disarray, therefore, during this upcoming holiday, I declare a period of reflection to be in order. I for one want to hear the sound of wind moving leaves, water hitting rock, my bike tires gliding, and just stop the divisive chatter. Untangle from the tweets and stories and media, and feel air. Escape into a book where ordinary people beat the odds. Drink a tall glass of something effervescent while cerulean bursts into fuchsia then melts into navy until the moon and stars cut through the black night sky.

buddha in a Vermont backyard with wild flowers

Let’s collectively exhale and see the summer stretch ahead as a sanctuary. A slowing of obligations and gym time. Switch it out with hiking, or open water swimming or plain old walking.  Of fireflies lighting up the field and busy days of endless fun. Along the way, grab a few precious independent moments for yourself. Revel as you wish and enjoy exactly what America has become, with her diverse and broadening communities. Her sea to shining sea. Her purple, or green, or rocky, mountain tops. Her rainbow brotherhood. Together let’s chant and march and demand and love and evolve, for what isn’t possible on a summer day?


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