2,484 miles

Soaring atop state after state

from east to west coast chasing the Sunset the whole way just makes me Smile

from my dark space

chase chase Chase like birds on the Warm current lifted off the gravitational pull

mundane Daily grind to diamond


plane flying over the cloudsonce There

even in this City of Cars there are plenty of

spaces to walk up and back down under a broad Blue Sky opening to darling vistas

daring Conversations

that take steps to voice and struggle to face but

Lighten the afternoon sky

with their loosening

Los Feliz stair hike to Griffith Park

Sandy paths skirt around miles of beach and long piers


whizzing Wheeling pedestrians

even black suits dotting the green rhythmically floating

as We do

Gathering for compacted days

Santa Monica boardwalk biking

Gardens macro or micro adorn Residences

creating Sacred spaces for Rejuvenation and just

the Presence of your senses reminding you to see

and breathe and

take in the entirety of this Singular moment for it is

perfection and


Santa Monica deck garden

Family jaunts

along the edge of Land that pounding Pacific

letting go what flies so Wildly along the horizons of

beating Hearts

Santa Monica beach at sunset

come back the Story ends

Come Back Again so

we can Dance

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