Playing the tourist

What a treat to play the tourist in a city we know well! It seems like forever that we made time to visit some special spots, like Lincoln Center, or were able see the World Trade Center Memorial.  New York City is rich with history and story and life at every turn, and over the Thanksgiving break we took full advantage of our days there.

metWalking into the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts complex, it is hard not to imagine my parents admiring the chic architecture of the 1960’s, with the brilliant Chagall’s calling attention. On this night we were fortunate to enjoy Puccini’s Manon Lescaut with Anna Netrebko in the title role. Sparkly crystal and red velvet along with the cheers in the darkness added only bravado to our experience.


Of course, with this being the 90th year of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, history merged with life. Miles of marching bands and spectacular floats and tethered balloons made their way down 6th Avenue for hours! Just like the young children hoisted on shoulders we too eagerly awaited Santa. 3 million lucky people lined the streets to catch the same glimpse before going home to their turkey and gravy.


As this was a no-cooking holiday for us, we were so grateful to find delicious take-out at Dickson’s in Chelsea Market. A farm fresh chicken with roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts served with a Beaujolais nouveau 2016, “Miracle on 34th ST.” cued up, all for our cozy evening at home.

In the morning we ventured to the World Trade Center Memorial to peer down into those massive footprints and to remember those lost. We were glad not to be standing there alone, but instead, with so many who also broke their holiday to visit this now sacred ground, complete with sunshine glittering the water and glass. As my dear friend noted, trying to locate the right verb to discuss the memorial site isn’t easy. Looking down into the dark black, the constant stream of water, hundreds of etched names, all create a powerful reminder.

On our last night we discovered a spectacular sunset view: Top of the Standard at 4:30, easily accessed via the High Line. Best story? The couple on line waiting to ride the elevator to the top floor were bursting with excitement over their recent (that very day!) engagement. We oohed over the ring, the elaborate proposal ruse, the trip from London to NYC just to pop this most important question.  Tequila shots followed once we were at the top oohing together over the view.


Story, history and life. A few days playing the tourist was more than we could have ever planned.


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