Giving Thanks

From Oprah to your child’s daycare provider, one hears endlessly about the transformation power of gratitude. Today, on this uniquely American holiday, as many of us gather around long make-shift tables, headed by the matriarch or patriarch, perhaps a little one passed from lap to lap, the chatter, the delight, the joy of reunion, allows gratitude to flow easily. At least that is the idealized vision of Thanksgiving. For families splintered by the recent election, or still carrying an ancient grudge, the temptation might be to settle the score over the turkey, however, I hope, no matter where you are or who you are sharing your table with, I hope, you shift the conversation to love.

tableCollectively, let’s follow the sage wisdom inherent in our hearts, and simply remember the love pulsing between us all. As you pass platters, tap your glasses, share the desserts, remember to truly come together in this shinning moment and give thanks. Forget the anger generated too easily by a newsfeed or tweet. Forget yesterday’s media extravaganza. In fact, just forget politics and fear and hatred and who is right and who is not, for this whole day.


As you linger over the pie, at a table filled with those you call family, share your dreams, your hopes, and your most fragile selves. Lift each other up America. Today is for just that.

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