Shifting into Routine


School buses tie up the morning commute, meetings fill our afternoons, beach towels are folded into the back of the closet, as we all return to the hustle and bustle of routine. With the warm September temps here in New England, Autumn looms faintly, yet we must begin those chores that need to be completed before the first frost. And naturally, we begin to prepare our internal life too. Time to update your local yoga schedule. And go to a class. Install the Headspace app on your smart phone. And use it today. Plan your evening meal with convenience and health in mind. And eat well, quickly. Yes, it is September after all.

I never find this transition an easy transition. But from those epic summer cocktail parties watching the bleed of magenta across the horizon to the startle of the early alarm clock, we are called back, and like the cycle of nature we must follow suit. Darkness may fall  before we are ready to come inside, when we still desire to race about where ever we can on bikes or sneakers, filling as many hours as possible with movement. Time to face it: soon night will rival day.


So how to prepare for the ensuing autumnal shift? Think inwardly, by setting health goals or plan an exercise regime, and then outwardly by curtailing your summer excesses and straightening the pantry, even simplifying your closets in preparation of sweater weather. Find your core. Your control. Despite your summer self leading you into more and more excess, September reminds us to admit our satiation.

As I set the alarm for 6:00 am, I consider 5:50, to add another sun salutation to the routine or a few extra breaths in meditation, all with the goal to start the work day with a steadier focus. Let’s remember, there is always Saturday to sleep into those later hours. Pack your lunch for the work day, and steer away from the extras, instead, load up the veggies. All these subtle changes will build the you you’ll need come November.

As we juggle what feels like too many balls in the air, with childcare issues and work schedules and soccer practices and violin concerts and shopping for much-needed winter wear, we must remember the wise: as my yoga teacher always reminds, you are stronger than you think.


4 thoughts on “Shifting into Routine

  1. I love your quote, “soon night will rival day” what a perfectly vivid description as Summer now drifts into Fall. Although we do experience many changes, reverting back to a more rigid routine of kids off to school, getting out those warmer clothes, and yes, even our food choices change; but to me it is always a welcome change with the beautiful colors and smells and activities that awaits us as the sunlight gets shorter each day.

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  2. Fall has always signified beginnings and fresh starts…maybe from the days of new pencils and notebooks at the commencement of a school year. I now live in New Mexico where fall begins with the smell of roasting green chile in the air and yellow aspens and cottonwoods. i still love thinking about fall and winter in Vermont. Thanks for sharing this perspective on this transitional time everywhere.

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