traveling to family

Bags packed, ticket confirmed, heading south-west to Austin, Texas, for a short but much anticipated family celebration. Time to break away from all life’s constraints and just float on all the love flowing with that warm breeze and big sky.

AustinAlthough I’ll have little more than “36 Hours in Austin” I do hope to have plenty to report on the other side. In the meantime my dear ones, I suggest you take a walk in the outdoors or do some yoga, but either way certainly dance a bit.

The news is fearful, the politics offensive and the Spring tardy, so just keep the TV off, the radio on anything that makes you move and smile simultaneously, and try to remember we are powerfully loving beings on this tiny planet. Doctor’s orders! xxoo

7 thoughts on “traveling to family

  1. I will fill your RX…it is one I can swallow…might make it my daily vitamin🌹
    Have a blessed, glorious, fun filled visit with your loved ones.


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