A Year in Review: My Photo Story

Notice how everyone is populating their news feeds with Year in Review Best Moments? All those Instagram and Statigram slideshows caused me to reflect on my own photo shoots over this past year. Looking back, I can only admit, I certainly had fun! Seriously, dress-up is the best, right? So, as my final salute to the fading year, I offer you highlights from my seasonally inspired fashion in this year end post.

2013 started with snow followed by more snow until we found ourselves living in a blank and bland world. By mid-winter I was desperate for color. In fact, desperate enough to propose a photo shoot outdoors in all that stark ice. Surrounded only by black & white & grey I donned a splash of red and came alive dashing about under the pines. No more winter doldrums for me, I beat back the cold like a firecracker that afternoon! Clearly, red is the absolute color to spice it up.



Season 3 of Downton Abbey inspired this look, comprised of vintage jewelery (my grandmother’s amethyst choker and clip-ons) along with new-to-me dress. Feathers pinned in my up-do made the outfit! Cora Crawley? Perhaps.


Spring is more than welcome in the northern hemisphere, she is a goddess we await with reverence, so I greeted Her with as much pomp as I could muster. Crafted flower crowns of brilliant hues and sheets of netting accessorized each of my looks. I embodied sunshine prancing under the budding maples while sweetness filtered the air I twirled about in. Love.

crowns1st look


You know what comes next, right? SUMMER: in all caps! Summer filled with long lazy days, eating fresh produce and sipping local wine. In Vermont Summer demands a visit to any one of the many beautiful lakes and state parks to picnic the afternoon away. Pack a wide-brimmed hat for the delicious sunshine and a dress for where ever the evening takes you!


collage with duck

collage with longdress

The year moved at a steady clip for many of us; for me it sped along like a flash until once again Autumn brought fire to our trees and fields. Surrounded by all that orange and gold I continued to play with fashion, melding together my own eclectic look from a myriad of decades, I danced for the camera one last time in 2013. No doubt about it, I had a lively year!



2nd look

Sending you all my finest wishes for 2014. May each and every day be filled with dreams that manifest into diamonds!


Special thanks to my photographer Mj, who, no matter the request, captures the me I’m looking for.

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22 thoughts on “A Year in Review: My Photo Story

  1. Fabulous, just fabulous. What a way to look back over your year and welcome the new. Wow to the red in the snow and I just love your playing with fashion, clothes and accessories – fun! And of course beautifully taken too! Happy New Year !

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  2. Is this the BEST way to enter 2014!!!!!!! It is going to be a year that, unexpectedly,brings peace and joy and accomplishments!!!! You have nailed it Ninecentgirl,

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