State of Beauty

field Autumn brings a plenitude of tourists to Vermont from all over the world to view the sugar maples gone wild in their October hues. From Canada to Massachusetts no-Vacancy signs hang in front of every Inn, Motel, Lodge and Hotel, when color is banging bright during these short weeks. Back-woods dirt-roads, which are normally a place of tranquil driving, become obstacle courses as the locals have to navigate around photo-takers strategically straddling the thoroughfares. Some of my neighbors get quite peeved by these tourists obstructing their commute, but I don’t mind, in fact, I am often hopping out of my car to stand right along side of them, framing my shot of the early morning mist lifting off the river, or the electric brilliance of the deciduous trees in their glory, or the freshly hayed field against the dark stand of pines. The list is endless actually for Vermont is one entire state of beauty. And from my vantage, Mt. Mansfield is almost always in view.

When the sky plays along and does its perfect baby blue, the day really just can’t get any more spectacular.


Vermont’s farmer’s markets and road-side stands are equally appetizing to your eye and your plate.


From delicate young maples to our stately old oaks you can find inspiration all around.


Color begins in fits and spurts until yellow and orange take over the green.


Beyond the acres of drying cow corn are the brilliant hills and ever watchful mountain peaks.


Hopefully, some day you can join me and the multitude of others in Vermont looking up and out in awe and wonder!

19 thoughts on “State of Beauty

  1. Wow…These are bunch of great pictures..!!! Loved how you managed to show true spirit of the season πŸ™‚
    P.S Thank you for visiting my blog, Looking forward to your advice and help on it πŸ™‚


  2. Reblogged this on Nine Cent Girl and commented:

    Due to our move I have not been out and about nearly as much as I would like. But this October, like so many others, has proven to be a show stopper! Hope you enjoy these old photos, that look very much like today’s, and I hope you are getting out and about yourself. xxoo


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