2nd Anniversary


Can you believe Nine Cent Girl hit year TWO in November!?! Since my very first post in 2010 not a day has gone by when I don’t scribble something on Nine Cent Girl or my  Twitter or Facebook pages, or post an image on Tumblr or Pinterest. And best of all, thanks to all of you, I’m writing to an audience!!! Like most writers I have two novels, a respectable folder of poems, a stash of short stories, along with the obligatory rejection letters, all crammed into my desk drawers; yet despite not being “formally” published, quite serendipitously, I have become part of a global digital family of writers. I have discovered that as much as I love writing posts and receiving feedback from my readers, I find equal delight reading other bloggers that I stumble upon each week.

For my One Year Anniversary I revealed my Top Ten posts, and asked about your favorites, but this year I thought I would celebrate the bloggers I follow. (Please don’t be offended if you don’t make the list– there are countless outstanding bloggers!) These 10 represent a wide spectrum, all talented thinkers and writers, doing something wonderful with their lives.

My list is in no particular order but each holds a special place in my life:

Mikell and Maria: This blog is a love as well as adventure story, written by two curious people who embarked on a bike trip through northern Europe and Asia. On their “About” page they wrote: “Our goal for this trip is to be exposed to a slower way of life, to become more in touch with our surroundings and nature, to discover as much as possible and to make it last as long as we can (until our money runs out)! As chefs and lovers of all ethnicities of food, we will strive to expand our knowledge of the culinary world by working in multiple countries, enjoying the local food on a daily basis and interviewing many chefs along the way.” Sadly, this blog has ended due to the sudden death of dear Mikell, but their words and images will remain a place I return to for inspiration and strength.

Patrick vs Ewing’s Sarcoma: A Love Story: Patrick and I have a history that spans many years, and for some of it I had the privilege of being his English teacher. Patrick stands out as a gregarious and diligent young man, admired and adored by many. It is no surprise to me that he is fighting his cancer with the same determination that he has tackled so many issues in front of him. As he stated in a recent post, “There is a tumor that needs to be kicked in the face repeatedly and I wish to get back to that immediately.” In the shadow of his defiant and dignified example, I am content to be his pupil now.

Joy Fitness and Style: Everyone needs a positive push from time to time, in terms of sticking with our resolutions, our diets, our plans for a healthier life, and for doing so with gumption. This blog provides all of that, for as Joy states, “Life’s Too Short, Have Some Fun!” There are days when I do not exactly feel her motto, yet Joy, with a few simple words, continues to remind me to just do it!

Savvy Skillet: Yes, there is a reason I love this blog, and it’s besides the fact that I love the blogger, for I know this woman to be a spectacular cook with a capital S! No matter the meal, or dietary concerns, the Savvy Skillet manages to concoct a tasty dish! If she posted a 1/4 of the meals she whips up there would be hundreds of posts, however, she is too busy cooking. That stated, her every recipe is wonderful! “Simple Food for Complicated People” is surly the right tagline for this blog.

Lorna’s Tearoom Delights: This blog is pure indulgence… providing visions of the perfect afternoon tea, in idyllic locations, warming your very soul! Yes, it is true, I am obsessed with tea paraphernalia, with tea lore, with tea rooms, and this blog provides all that, plus so much more. The photos of Scotland will tempt you to tramp around on a heather-filled-heath in order to sip the perfect cuppa!

Chloe Yelena Miller: This woman is a veracious blogger, a published poet, and an active supporter of other writers. In fact, Chloe was the first to ask me to write as a guest blogger on her site. Truly this type of encouragement did wonders for my self-esteem! Chloe’s topics cover all sorts of literary and writing issues, and are always worth a read.

Stop Breathe Bump: Music Fan? Trance and Dance? You have arrived at the mecca! Surprised I’m suggesting such a blog? Well, this Nine Cent Girl loves to celebrate with all styles of music, and this site provides downloadable and eclectic music for my many moods. Yes, perhaps another case of nepotism, as this is my youngest son’s site (his older brother writes reviews for concerts and new albums on the site too). Regardless of my familial attachment to these two, I love the energy and promise available on this blog. As they say, “Life’s too Short for Bad Music!”

Sohl in the City: I have always had a love/hate relationship with shopping and fashion. The love comes in discovering unique pieces in thrift shops, while the hate comes from being part of an increasingly materialistic culture. But shopping issues aside, I love creating unique looks by letting my own style define fashion. Michelle Sohl’s blog reflects a similar sentiment and I love reading her take on New York City trends!

Our Open Road: I am a big fan of people who take charge of their lives, artists who live out their dream, and those who find a way to share their vision with the world. Adam and Emily have just ventured out on an amazing journey which this blog captures with stunning photos and text: “Our Open Road will serve as a modern family portrait, as we shed our robes of comfort to reexamine the American Dream, we hope to inspire others to create, eat well, spend quality time together, and adventure into their own great backyards.” If you visit their site, be prepared to be exhilarated!

Miranda Makes a Blog: In this hectic world, where parents head to Walmart for the latest plastic toy made in China, and children are being shoved into reality TV shows to become the latest curiosity themselves, along comes a spectacular young mother who is making an art of motherhood. This Miranda is a wonder, juggling her own artistic drive, with the immediate needs of her three small children. Every week she astonishes me with her energy. Every week she delights the world with her creations.

As I mentioned earlier, these are a drop in the bucket of all the blogs I visit each week, but all are worth a follow!!

Without details, but with my full excitement I am compelled to mention these additional favorites: One Empty Seat, Make Something Mondays!, The Obama Diary, Pillows A-La-Mode, An Unrefined Vegan, prettylittlebanana, Qui Entertainment and An Afternoon With.

From the bottom of my heart I extend a hearty Thank You to all my readers, for finding my blog in the maze of our vast digital world, and for being such consistent supporters of my writing!!! Please cut a piece of cake, raise a glass, dance the tango, or do what it is you do to celebrate with me this Second Anniversary! I wish all of you, and myself, many many more writing years!

14 thoughts on “2nd Anniversary

  1. Yay! Happy anniversary – – thank you for sharing a list of your favorites. So many wonderful blogs out there to explore. Very happy to see Lorna’s blog made your list. She’s one of my favorites. Appreciate the mention of AURV!!


  2. An excellent post!!!! A great idea and one that I think I will adopt when I reach my first year. Thank you for creating an amazing blog – it takes a lot of time and effort to continue and you have been at it 2 years!!! I look forward to our ongoing adventure. I especially like your dream of a big gathering!


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