Spring Fling

Come April I am desperate to see more color in the natural world beyond my doorway. The snow melt has left rivulets of brown earth all through the open fields which are also left browned by the harsh winter. Trees are still bare, their silvery gray bark peeling in the brisk wind, abandoned broken branches strewn all across my yard, while I crave soft pink, daffodil yellow and kelly green. The anticipation over Spring is building only making my yearning more frantic. Old time Nine Cent Girl readers will know, this time of year I often concoct a photo shoot with expectation dominating my mood board, pulling together an array of props from my closet to mimic the bright pastels and infectious joy that is about to arrive. This week that happened once more with me prancing about my living room, having donned three “new to me” outfits. Since I was a teen I have loved finding wardrobe favorites from thrift stores or yard sales or in the case of these dresses, from the pop-up sale of a friend’s closet. Perhaps not divine inspiration but a Spring Fling all the same.

A few years back, while the snow still lingered into early April, I grabbed a pink wig, similar color on the lips and sported reflective Ray Bans. And yes I dared to go sheer because the air ran up from the south as the sun gained some heat. I might have been bound by ice but I couldn’t help try my new kicks, albeit carefully. Felt like Persephone emerging from the dark months into what surly would be a productive adventure. Want more images of that day? Here you go: A Light Exists in Spring

A few years earlier, celebrating Spring, of course, and The 100th post:Love, I could not stop dancing under the tiny new leaves waving about in all the trees, demanding we too raise our arms in pagan ritual. The branches of new green inspired me to don a flower crown and flower patterned dresses. I can tell you that day was nothing short of inspired, with an array of looks and the most glorious blue sky overhead.

This week I had an impulse to bring a few of my large canvases outside and sort of flounce and spin around them. Just for color. But as often is the case in April, the wind knocked down my every attempt. Inside I set up my phone timer and did what I could to showcase the bursting life within our home. I neglected shoes, had to, right?

I use doorways frequently in my photoshoots. Without getting too Jungian, each time I visualize a step inward into the self, and invite you all to join me there. My “new-to-me” dress is StarkX, in fact all three come from this company whose fabrics just make me smile. The website claims, “Founded in 2012 by designer Perry Stark, STARKx embodies her love for quality, super-soft unique fabrics and rich garment dye processes. A true labor of love inspired by beach-life and growing up in the Mediterranean. Each piece is designed and crafted in Los Angeles.” I confirm the softness and quality and am thrilled each found a home in my closet.

Like much of what I am impatiently waiting for, the natural world will do what it does so well, and awe and wow me with soft pastels and rich colors, turning this mud-season into something far more inspired. In its own time. Teaching me patience yet again.

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