Date with Myself

It’s winter break for most schools in Vermont, and that means, while many arrive to ski or board, those of us who live here, migrate away for the week. Early March you would typically find me in SoCal, but as I am still in rest and recuperation mode, I decided to make like a tourist, visit my neighboring town of Stowe, and enjoy a staycation date with myself. Simply a grand idea, and one that certainly made my mood soar.

First stop was at The Current, a contemporary art museum. What a treat to view the work of Colombian-born Esperanza Cortes. The exhibit boasts that it will “leave the viewer in the wake of this beauty to contemplate their own values, transcultural influences, and experiences, challenging them to reconsider social and historical narratives.” Yes, to all of that. What better way to shake off a month of couch time than to really think? Taking in all the gold one just has to consider our role in exploitation.

Far more than clay and beads and embroidery and gold, Cortes “deals with Colonialism and raises critical questions about the politics of erasure and exclusion.” I found myself drinking in the beauty of the pieces, and the conceptualizations that crafted each one. Art is so transformative, can ask so much of the viewer, and this exhibit was an awakening after such a long time wandering in my own mind this past month.

The village of Stowe is as quaint as you’d imagine, with a slow meandering river coming down from the mountain, a covered walking bridge, and miles of shopping. I did my best to pop into several of the local stores, delighted to find gifts I have been looking for, even getting them gift-wrapped. This excursion was a luxury. A stroll about this historic town felt like a great date activity, even under the steel gray sky, I felt refreshed.

Of course one does need fuel too. I went for decadent and delicious, after all this was a date! Sitting with leisure, sipping and munching, out and about, was pure heaven. It seems like every good town has a great coffee shop, and thankfully Stowe does too. Black Cap is a favorite, but one that I haven’t made the time to indulge in forever.

Last, but certainly not least, was a visit to the local book store, Bear Pond Books. Having an independent book shop in the neighborhood is a rarity that I do not take for granted. I made sure to leave with a purchase. Keeping dollars local seems like good sense to me. Once back home I felt equally stimulated and refreshed, absolutely caffeinated, and ready to curl up on my couch with a new book. Self-care is truly essential, but often neglected. Why not make a list of 3 things you would love to do with yourself, and plan your outing? I am certain it will be just what you need to restore and rejuvenate.

**I often mention local shops or services in a post, just to remind you to support your own, not due to anything that I’ll receive from those who I write about. This is one small planet we all inhabit, and it is my belief that by strengthening our own communities we will make a positive impact overall. Perhaps you have small shops or businesses in your area worth your money and shout-outs? I bet they would appreciate knowing you care.

3 thoughts on “Date with Myself

  1. That shot of the walking bridge in the snow is wonderful. The Bear Pond Books store looks inviting both from your picture and their website. Love small book businesses like that, which are few and far between anymore in our area. Glad you enjoyed your staycation.


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