A Retrospective

As Nine Cent Girl readers are aware, this time of year we do our best to light up the dark, inside and out. In a bit of a retrospective through the many Decembers we have sought out much needed illumination, tonight’s blog will display some of my favorites!

Happy New Year 2020

Regardless of what you celebrate in December, more lights can make every holiday merry and bright

Candles in the Window

In Vermont whole towns get into the spirit of decorating their Main Street with lights

Stowe Village

Decorating with colored strands and big orbs and twinkling tea lights, I’ll take them all

Stars placed on the tree top adds just one more sparkle of hope to lift your gaze higher

Thresholds that cause you to pause and dream are always a favorite of mine

And those majestic pine trees streaming with color brighten my spirit every time

Of course a blanket of snow makes for the best holiday boost of all. Let It Snow!


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