Good News Headlines

Sure, headlines these days are not generally constructed to make you smile… (with the exceptions of Governor Gavin Newson handily beating the likes of talk show hosts & reality stars). Most headlines these days grab my stomach and twist it tighter. Flood, drought, misinformation, cynicism, division all churned into fear dominate every media push. But there is a Good News Movement that is shaking the negativity off for a few wonderful moments. Not to ignore the ills, but in the spirit of shifting the focus, I thought I’d share my Good News of the week. Of course that starts with my favorite activity…

 Woman is Still Swimming in Open Water in Chilly Vermont

After a Cold Swim a Woman Celebrates with a Hot Shower

Teacher discovers Mardi Gras beads and Flashy Kicks grab Students attention long enough for a Discussion

Teacher has Another Great Day with Terrific Students

The Sky is So perfectly Blue that No Filter is Needed to Impress All Followers on Socials

Woman Stops Time to Enjoy the View while Running

Corn, corn and more corn Dominate the Landscape

Corn is Super Sweet this Season

Woman Thanks Her Local Farmer for the View

Woman Manages to Grow Several Sunflowers

Bees Work Overtime Yet seem Especially Happy

The First Fallen Maple Leaf Makes It To Instagram Story

Sole Leaf Causes Runner to Stop and Smile

Autumn Colors Look Promising this September

Woman is Spellbound Under the Waxing Crescent Moon

Woman Catches the Sunset Pastels and Feels Big Joy

Crickets are Partying like it’s 1999 just about Everywhere

What’s fabulous about your week? What made you feel a moment of joy? Cause you to break into smile? Why not let those tiny moments dominate your attention a bit longer? Please share your big and small celebrations with me, and all your social media feeds, and grow the Good News Movement all around the planet!

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