Mask Up

Whether you are in agreement or not, wearing face masks in public locations is here to stay for awhile. I for one am leaning on those good people who have spent a lifetime in a research lab for their recommendations and listening to their sage advice. Mask up, says the CDC, so I’m doing just that when roaming beyond my home. Of course, one does want to have the right mask for the occasion, and look their best too, right? Here are my suggestions from three fabulous Los Angeles designers who now include this latest essential accessory along with their latest fashion lines. Pick your fav & wear it well!

Ultra Violet Kids has been creating fashionable clothing for kids, and now offers masks for kids and adults. These cotton masks have an insert for a filter, which is great if you need to be inside for a while.

Summer in Vermont is flowers and color and these masks are everything popping vibrant. Strolling through town? Headed to a house party? Or just want to look extra at the post office? These are perfect.

Everyone has to take a role of responsibility. Individuals and government. Government has to work. Government has to perform a job. People know when a government works and when it doesn’t. ~ Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Encouraged by the Governors who took charge when chaos was all that the White House offered is inspiring. I am grateful to Vermont’s Gov. Phil Scott for his leadership, breaking with his party to ensure that Vermonters take every precaution during this pandemic, and he’s still at it, working 24/7 for us.


Alma Xx Rebels not only designs for today’s lifestyle but jumped on creating fabulous face masks with everyone’s safety in mind. Flower in front and neutral in back, these reversible masks are breathable linen, and yeah, as stylish as you’d wish for in a face mask. I can even run in one of these beauties.


Christy Dawn is another dress-maker who went right into face mask making, and what I really appreciated about this company was they donated the same quantity of masks that you ordered. In the first months of this worldwide pandemic I really was grateful for the small companies willing to extend help to those who needed it– and face masks was a wonderful place to start. I ordered a pile to share.

face masks

Isn’t it all up to us to swing this world toward hope and health and happiness? Yeah, you and me both.

Character – the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life – is the source from which self respect springs.  ~  Joan Didion

face mask

I’m wearing a face mask because everyone’s health and safety depends on everyone. Sure I miss lipstick. But I’m confident I’ll get to wear it again in public thanks to all these creative companies and their dedication to style and science. Let’s let the future be one we all can count on… mask up peeps.

Alma xx Rebels


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