Colliding into Spring

There are starts and stops at every transition. Like when Winter is slowly colliding into a Spring that turns frozen again. We, in the quiet Northeast, are used to such chaos from our skies. One day we run about in tees and another it’s back into the parka. There is a steady plodding onwards, and general acceptance of what must be will be. Perhaps that is why Vermonters are all cool with so many personal differences through the decades. And perhaps this is why so many of us are sitting tight while COVID19 runs its course. We know how to stay active through long months of difficult weather conditions right inside our own space, plus we got an upward vision that allows us to dream of what is almost here.

Like many all over the world, my spouse and I are working from home. We indeed feel fortunate, and are kept extraordinarily busy juggling work demands in our house.Β  We created a variety of work spaces, with creativity. I am a very bad sitter, so I have a moveable standing desk to shift my vantage as the sun and my mood shifts. Teaching from my living room is not how I envisioned ending this school year, but as all my hard-working colleagues are doing from one coast to another, I am giving my all each day.

Thankfully there are generous and talented souls helping me to keep my energy and mood headed to the positive, and one is certainly Yoga with Adriene. I have started my days with this soulful and original gal for years, but while we are sheltering her presence in my living room is as essential as air. Her live classes connect me to thousands of like-minded people around the globe, and bring glimpses of calm into my heart. If you aren’t a subscriber to her YouTube channel, get to that or something that feels good for you.

Another delight comes straight from the one and the only Ryan Heffington, who is dancing the world into one happy sweaty hippie fest, and my Saturday’s are a joy now that I’ve discovered him. Up and moving for an hour, watching hearts float on the screen, along with a flow of comments streaming without a naysayer. Love, peace, and happiness is the new normal when you invite Ryan into your living room. Find him @ryan.heffington on Instagram, and be ready to laugh your ass off as you work your ass off. Yeah.

I’ve also spent more deliberate time outside every day. I’m obsessed with the waterbirds splashing about as if they didn’t get the memo that life has been disrupted. They are just doing their survival thing and whether the sun is warming up their tail feathers or the sideways snow is making waves across the pond, they keep at it. I take my cues from their good sensibility, although I’m a long way from their acceptance ability.

Trust me, I understand the desire to get back to normal, and all that is in jeopardy from COVID19, but this is a time for vigilance and mindfulness. Might not this also be a time for unity? Let’s. Find a way to build your calm, release your stress, support those you love, and of course, cheer on our health care workers. We keep them safe by staying home ourselves. Check out the flowers, this is Spring after all.


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