still life

Here we are. On our own couches. In the middle of our own living rooms. Reading an actual magazine. In loungewear. Bought online. Yeah. There are a few perks during the scary and dark days which have clouded our planet and forced us all indoors. I am not here to tell you what you should be doing to survive these days, but just wanted to let you know that we will, mostly, and I for one plan to celebrate epically on the other side.

In our house we got a few ideas to ride this out. So here goes.

This little old diffuser has been pumping out sweet smelling oils for over a decade at our house, lifting spirits and chasing away the dark. Right now there is loads of talk about eucalyptus oil keeping lungs clean and reducing congestion. If you can grab some it is certainly worth getting in your air these days, along with whatever keeps you dancing. Drop a few on a tissue to help generate openness in your breathing.

This sweet little orchid bloomed for two years straight, and then went quiet. Until now. And we’re home to see every bloom. This is actually pretty exciting as spring is very slowly making it’s way beyond our windows. If you are lucky enough to have plants in your home, give them some love and attention. Pets for sure too.

We have been dragging out the Vitamix every day. Beets, kale, parsley, cucumber, celery, lemon, green apple and ginger all work together to create the best immune booster. Drink green, drink fresh. Eat as well as you can, with fresh veggies if possible. For now, we are doing our best to keep the nutrients coming from our food. I snagged some raspberries the last time I ventured into the grocery store and they all taste like a summer day. Isn’t that worth dreaming about? Summer. On the dock. With the whole crew. You can taste while you wait it out.

Of course we are lucky to have a porch that gets afternoon sunshine, and a yard big enough to stroll about too. I am used to far more exercise that this offers, but for now, I am taking advantage of lunch in the fresh air and some Vit. D. We need to keep looking up at that big blue and allowing it to sink into our black. We are all stronger than we think. More durable and flexible and resilient too. There is little we can’t do when we work together. There is nothing that we can’t do. Even alone we can all stay connected and be here for each other.

I do not want to diminish the suffering for all the sick, for the families grieving those already lost, for this is a disaster that no one deserves. To think so is pure cruelty and folly. There is no telling where we will all be on the other side of this pandemic, but I know we will all have stories about heroic neighbors and sweet strangers, tales of unmeasurable fortitude and creative-energy bursts, new alliances and newly-developed passions. And most of all, a real understanding, like for real, that we are indeed one world. One small world.

Stay safe my loves. xoxoxo





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