Love will knit you up

Red in the white

With the strain and slant of black

These winter days push us to our limits and demand blood

The life the surge of all that we have of all we want of all period

Red splashes across this midsection of our February

A pop of crimson while all is so very gray so very dull so very stagnant

That color that makes us wake

And declare where we might stand and take courage and belief in something that is on the line

Where we might just have to dive in

And set the whole of the day on fire

Where we state our stance

Red for days and years and all those times while we are dreamy and dreaming

And there was no sense that this was all there would ever be

No that’s not it but more that this will always be so you tend to just take it on like a regular moment

But now you realize that life is fleeting just like that color burst along the horizon as the sun sets

A flash in time

A moment that you hold dear

Now so so singular

Love like no other so you do just that by holding it in your fist

In another moment it is just starting all over again except from the opposite vantage

Where you are the other one on the other side of the photo and the equation

This cycle of birth and death constructed like neat tiles

As if living was only a passing fad

You grab all of that brilliance tight and let the laugh echo through the space

Love those who stand with us and cover us and hover over us and care

While the whole world freezes

Or fires up

Or leaves us on empty

That one who is there in the dark or light and dull or shiny it matters not

That one who says yes to your zany and most impossible vision that one

On this Valentine’s night you curl around and ask for even more

What is it about love that just fuels the whole of our hearts and causes us to stand on street corners in the

Most unlikely of Los Angles nights

That holds us binds us drapes over our very selves like crazy crazy string

So much so that we all know this is for eternity

Celebrate as you will with red flowers and chocolate sweets and shiny metal with lovers or friends

With children or all alone selves

Remember that love will cure your ills from the deepest trauma to the smallest slit

Love will knit you up

Heal your hurt and redeem your sorrow

Oh all you need on this night is

A bit of rich and magnificent love from me to you


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