Float time

There is no doubt about the healing power that water holds. Up and down every coast you find people packed together to dip their toes into the surf, maybe even brave a plunge. From sunrise to sunset we sit on sandy blankets along shorelines listening to the pulsing tides, and something that might have been slightly crazy inside us settles down a bit. We may be 60% water but it is far more than that physical fact that drives us to land’s end.

Thankfully, I’m spending this week gliding across the Pacific via boats, big and small, as well as diving down into the deep, watching the light move within the waves, and all the while letting myself be washed away too. Salt and wind and sun lighten everything old to a new pale. Beach blankets get stretched as we share dreams. Something loosens. Spins away. Something else arrives.

Whether you get to an ocean or a lake or just walk in a summer rain, I hope you too allow the glorious and fleeting possibility of tides shifting your stance, of float time.

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