We Should Have Fixed It

“We should have fixed it.” Andrew Pollack made a passionate plea, didn’t he? Will we listen?

I must admit, there is a labyrinth one can easily fall down when you start to untangle this mess of gun violence plaguing our America. But I do believe we are beginning to see a horizon.

Where to start? Get informed. Not from Twitter. Or Facebook. Maybe not anywhere on social media. But by speaking to people in your community. Ask how many guns they have in their household. Ask them if they are locked. Ask how do they see a way to keep all citizens safe. This hard discussion needs the full participation of gun owners. They must come to the table. These are their weapons, and if they want them in circulation, they must figure this one out. With you. And me. Face to face.

Talk to your local and state level politicians too. Ask them about their NRA rating and why they accept money from an organization that is solely protecting the profits of gun manufactures. Arming teachers is clearly a tact that is absurd, although it does increase the gun market. Perfectly fronted by a business man who rode into our White House with a high rated endorsement. More lunacy.  But enough of him, and his party fattened by the NRA, the children of our nation are rising up, and they will not be sated until there is #NotOneMore. You can feel their surge. Their demands. Their hope.

If you are looking for real facts check reputable sources, such as The Trace. Or Everytown for Gun Safety. Check and double check. Follow the money. Then follow your heart. Speak out. March. Walk-out. And then set about fixing it. You and me. Face to face. Please.


2 thoughts on “We Should Have Fixed It

  1. This Saturday there are multiple marches around the country serving as sister marches to the March for Our Lives in DC. Check out the FB page to find out more and to find one in your area. Thanks for writing this Moira.

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