Anniversary Celebration!

Dear Reader,

All the thanks in the world for tuning in every week,

for letting me know when my writing touches you,

for reaching out when it’s so easy not to.

I so so so appreciate each and every one of you!


Hard to believe that Nine Cent Girl has been around for 7 years!

Somehow I managed to state my opinion,

share my good fortune or misfortune,

reveal my latest looks or the occasional recipe,

with weekly consistency month after month.


There is little that brings as much joy as hearing from you all.

A like, a comment, an inquiry, all fuel me.

Please celebrate this #7 year Anniversary with me tonight

by taking a longer walk or enjoying a great novel,

making time for yoga or preparing a satisfying meal;

whatever you do, be kinder to yourself,

for Life is Love. Simply love.


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