Staying Alive, still

When my children were young, out chasing rose petals flitting about our lawn in early July, chasing dandelions even earlier in May, chasing lightening bugs during hot late summer nights, all the while tramping through the smallest of neighborhoods, but one that included a covered bridge and swimming hole beneath it, enough woods to spy a fairy, and a few kids to trade baseball cards with, I wondered, what would become of these little people? Would they love to dance as much as I do? Would they find beats that drove them to the clubs like I did when I heard Black Box or Madonna or other late 80’s dance sounds? Now, as they have grown into young adults, with passions and degrees, with loves and jobs, I am thrilled they have found joy on the dance floor. Little makes me as happy as sharing that space with them…staying alive and living life!IMG_8954

Each of my three children want to share their music with me too. When I visit, and am being chauffeured about the greater Los Angeles area, which each calls home, I am serenaded by their favorites. They are so excited for me to hear the latest beats, the latest reason they head to this or that club, and each has a sound system to showcase their love. Sometimes we listen in silence, sometimes the floodgates open and I hear all. Either way, my view is a happy driver, silhouetted against palm trees, surrounded by happy sounds with a driving beat. On my last trip out my oldest son introduced me to Classixx his face beaming as he did.

Also on his play list is “Past Lives” by Local Natives; hauntingly lovely. His enthusiasm for particular artists and sounds is quite infectious, and this fiery passion trickled down to his two siblings.

My daughter is also a fan of the dance floor when she is not styling some of her favorite artists. Last month she quite enthusiastically brought me to LA’s downtown Shrine Auditorium to catch three favorites, and I left in love with Christine and the Queens. Beforehand we had Tei Shi’s “Bassically” and Grimes’s “Genesis” on repeat in the car, which in LA, one basically lives in. During the show we stood high on the balcony and joined in as the packed venue made the roof shake with all our combined dancing. With Christine’s blend of French and English lyrics, this little beauty gets her message across loud and clear.

And then there is my youngest, AKA: KLEAN. He’s been sharing his love of EDM for several years, (much of it on his website Stop Breathe Bump) and now, is sharing his love of music at his own shows. (Listen to his sets on Soundcloud: Klean)

Klean Collage

As much as we both love the thump thump of EDM, there is no denying the musicality of this versatile and gifted group just as capable in the acoustic arena: Above & Beyond. We are big fans of all the music in their record label, Anjunabeats, especially Lane 8.

Hopefully, I have supplied you with enough tunes to start a playlist and get your weekend party started. Stay Alive any way you can, preferably on the dance floor, with or without your loves, and all will be right with the world. #LifesTooShortForBadMusic


12 thoughts on “Staying Alive, still

  1. Vive Christine and the Queens! In English or French, I think she’s sublime. What a great post; the wonderful time you had is as infectious as the beats! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Lucky all around! I guess when you share what you love, that is all that matters, and all someone remembers. They remember the good feelings, and the rest, well the rest is just fine too.


  2. What fun!! My kids (older than yours) seem to like ‘my’ music the most. When I raised them, we sang out loud in the car going to from school/soccer/ballet, etc. every day. They are now firm listeners to Beatles, all of the old classic 60s and 70s tunes, and of course newbies like Bruno Mars, etc. But as far as dancing, they did not pick up my love of dance. And when I go grocery shopping with my daughter and her little ones, she’s mortified when I start dancing down the aisle (the grandkids love it though). ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. This is too cool! I love music and dancing. It is wonderful that you have passed your love for music and boogieing down to your kids and that they love to share their latest musical loves with you. Thank you so much for sharing with #ShareTheJoyLinky!

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