Winter Up

Winter arrived in full force this week in the form of BIG Blizzard 2016, hitting multiple cities up the coast with two feet of snow. I’d say that event marks the time to winter up your outerwear if you haven’t already. When I think winter gear, there are a few companies that instantly pop into my mind: Burton & North Face for jackets, Sorel & Ugg for footwear. All are the best because they keep you dry and warm despite all bitter winter conditions, and you’ll get several years of wear from these well-crafted products. Wondering about style?


Even when I’m just popping out for a quick yoga class or to grab a dirty chai, I like to look stylish yet be as toasty as possible. Starting with my leather Uggs, my feet never complain, for these boots are lined in wool, down to the insole. My jacket is filled with a lightweight down, super pack-able and a gold that I adore. I’d call that a win win. Leather gloves from Banana Republic and hat crocheted by marnika.


Okay, I don’t really carry wood in this pretty jacket, but I did stack my fair share last fall, and do haul it in piece by piece for our hungry stove. In Vermont one’s wood pile is a source of pride and necessity, and ours is certainly that for us. Plus, we love our wood guy. He’s no-nonsense and honest, and last July brought 4 cords to make our home cozy for the season.


Weekends are play days for us. And with the snow we are out and about with our best. Feet first: Sorel. For decades I have sworn by this brand for the whole family. The fully waterproof boot with the removable felt liner is indispensable in any Northerner’s winter arsenal. I think they combine a rugged yet iconic style that for me looks just right.


Burton is known for snowboards, but their jackets are equal to their excellent worldwide reputation. Mine has vents and pockets and extra snazzy features that I love, like a strap over my thumb that keeps the sleeves from riding up, and a handy breast pocket for my iPhone, plus it’s extra long in the back to cover my butt (great on a chairlift, handy on a windy walk too). Can you beat the pop of color? Pompom hat by Kyi Kyi and pants by Craft which have extra wind coverage in the front and more breath-ability in the back, making them perfect for winter running, hiking or cross-county skiing.


This year I added a North Face jacket to my closet. It is a heavier, denser down, fully waterproof, with a hood that fits snugly. I had it on for about 10 seconds in the shop before deciding a solid yes, I’ll buy it! First part I noticed? I still had a waist. Now that’s great styling, especially with a parka. A great car coat, walking coat, popping into town coat, all rolled into one. No matter the temperature, I can brave the lowest.


I first spied these Sorel boots watching the Hunger Games; yes, Kattniss rocked the Conquest Carly boot in the first film. Not as warm as my felt lined boots, but these are higher, also waterproof, and make me feel invincible when it comes to ice and snow. Black hat by Burton and gloves by North Face with TNF APEX which guarantees warm and dry hands. Can I reiterate the importance of warm and dry too many times?!?

Purple finch at the feeder, by the way. Sweet as can be, right? A bit of flash when all the world has gone black and white is pure magic. I love getting out and filling the feeders, and then back inside watching the flocks descend.


Yes, birds abound, even in winter, even in Northern Vermont. Chickadees and nuthatch and juncos and wood peckers stay year-round but greatly appreciate a helping hand late January. It’s a small price to pay for their company.

Stay warm. Stay dry. Stay stylish. You can brave anything if you dress for the season…

Photo Credit: Mj, my wonder gal, xxoo

6 thoughts on “Winter Up

  1. We don’t get the snow like you and this year has been very warm so the big waxed coat has stayed in the cupboard mostly. I’ve been wandering about in a little padded jacket from Ted Baker. It’s dark blue but kind of tonic so it shimmers black in some light and has an elastic belt round the waist, zipped pockets at the front for the phone/keys/lip balm and elasticated cuffs. It also has a zip and poppers and a detachable hood. Sadly, it’s coming to the end of its life, beginning to wear a bit on the cuffs (this is its third year) so I’m waiting for a Ted Baker duffle coat as a replacement as we speak. My boots are Reiker, ankle length and amazingly comfortable and I have a selection of hats and scarves, current favourite a pink and lime silk scarf I got in Paris and a thick black bobble hat.

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