Spring Dressing


Looking for a quick and tasty dressing for your spring salad? The following recipe is guaranteed to satisfy anyone wanting to top those delicate greens showing up in our grocery stores. Right now I can’t get enough of parsley, sunflower and pea shoots, young spinach and early strawberries on my plate. Along with this fabulous dressing, composed of honey, lemon and flax seed oil, you will have created something sensational!

Gather your three ingredient. Cut the lemon in half. Juice and strain out the pulp and seeds.


Add a tablespoon or more, depending on taste, of raw honey to the lemon juice. Add flax seed oil too. The ratio is approximately 2:1 lemon juice to oil, but again play with proportions until you have created your desired taste. Add salt and pepper.


Shake, shake and shake even more to emulsify the dressing. Enjoy right away, but also you can save the mixture in the refrigerator and use all week.


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