this journey

daily we are cautioned to embrace the journey. love the highs. learn from the lows. forget the destination. this is not easy. at least for me. I’m impatient.  thrilled with the takeoff. headed somewhere. with the notion of arrival. it takes something big and awesome or small and stinging or something tenacious and afflicting to get me to stop this pursuit. the chase of the high. the push to get there already.


the daily grind. alarms going off all over. coast to coast. people rising in the dark. tea pots filled. showers steaming up mirrors. school buses starting and stopping and the whole line of us doing the same with travel mugs sloshing along. news blaring. and then like clockwork like a light-bulb like lightening inside my grey matter I flip to Pandora. forget the dreary news. sing with a full voice. notice the spine of the hilltop. care less about the car’s digital clock chiding me ‘you’re late again’. traffic. jams. this moment is worth attending to. this journey. tires skim over wet roads. yellowed leaves hit my windshield briefly before flying upward. skyward. above the horizon. yeah. look up. see that. notice.

takeoff collage

 I love flying. I could do without the security lines and full-body imaging devices and cramped seats and crappy snacks and people who sit by the window yet leave the shade down even when the Rockies are directly beneath. but being up there in the blue. leaving the misty grey on the earth. these wings could be mine. stretch and glide. soar into that part of our life when words come and music is made and the paint stroke completes the vision. find ourselves. in the current. in the flow. a warm stream we lean into. bank our turn. steady and then spin. we are above the fray. untouchable.

flying collage

day slips into night. orange rolls into blue black and below a crystal shine brightens our vantage. what we leave behind pales in relation to what lies ahead. we feel the race. we course with the desire to hold that brilliance. something shinier than what we already have. driven amongst a world that too is racing. what can grab our attention long enough to stop this? only we. you and me. take advantage of the highs. the soaring vantage. gain the ability to see. the whole of possibility stretched in every direction.

landing collage

and appreciate the lows. regroup. assess. try again. this journey. keeps us moving. keeps us reaching in every direction. keeps us looking for our place in the sky. and down below. this journey. ride it as long as you can. soar whenever you find the chance.


***dedicated to my LA three, who although race after their dream, stay present like pros. thanks for the reminder kiddos xxoo

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