Family series, part 3: furry companions

maya5It may be a dog’s world, but in our household, it’s the kitty that rules us. She’s an old calico now-a-days, but when we discovered her 15 years ago, abandoned and hungry in our barn, not quite a year old, she was already a survivor. Any dog that lives along side of her, learns to step back when she passes by. Yes, Miss Maya is a presence that demands respect.

Our current household doggy, Vita Sackville-West, joined our family 10 years ago. On all fours these two sisters of a sort are the same height with the same coloring.

Vita is a tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Yes, the Queen’s dog. Born in the middle of a large litter, as a puppy she was fearless. She never looked back once we scooped her up and into our pick-up truck. She loved tearing it up and sliding under chairs, couches, well, anything. Her clearance has stayed low. Lucky for her, winter is her favorite season, and here in northern Vermont it is a long one. No day is too cold for her. Icy, windy, buried in snow, she’s smiling.


Vita is always ready to go, in fact, she only barks when someone leaves without her. That includes anybody. Basically everybody. A reverse guard dog you might say. She loves her bag of toys and sorts through them with deliberate determination to find the squeakiest one of all.


Miss Maya is rumored to have taken down a deer in her younger years, but rumor aside she was a ferocious hunter of little critters. Now, most afternoons she follows me about the house, patiently waiting for me to sit so she can take a nap without interruption. Years ago she birthed a litter of five, and was not bothered a bit when they moved on to their own lives. Yes, she’s 100% a solo cat. Regardless, I eventually won her heart, but don’t ask me how. Secretly, I imagine it’s the gold eyeliner we both wear.


Maya loves morning yoga time. Although she never admitted to liking toys, she can’t get enough of attacking my hair while I’m down on the mat.


Both Maya and Vita are generally ready for chill time and both are mystified when we perform extraordinary feats like dancing or brushing our teeth.


Miss Maya was a gift left by someone who had no idea what they were tossing away. We are so glad she decided to stay for so long.


4 thoughts on “Family series, part 3: furry companions

  1. Our dog and cat companions teach us many life lessons…as well as sometimes being a spiritual guide. A endearing tribute to your pet family!


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