Comfort: Part 1

Comfort: aren’t we all looking for it this time of year? At least those of us on the east coast in the northern hemisphere: comfort food, comfort wear, just complete comfort care. For me, on this last day of January, here in Vermont, comfort would be a day spent in my pajamas. Yet, despite the fact that comfort is what we all seek, our at-home comfort-wear almost always is on the shabby side.  I became painfully aware of this after a nasty-cold then achy-cough kept me bed-couch bound for a few days. Searching for something comfortable I rummaged through my bottom dresser drawer and pulled out a trusty over-size cotton tee and equally time-tested flannel bottoms; I can’t say I looked stylish, nor did it do my ego very good to pad around wearing what the Salvation Army would toss, so I started an online search to find lounge wear… I quickly discovered there is  a world to choose from, so I narrowed my focus on what styles I like to wear, what fabrics I want on my body, ultimately, what comfort means to me. Here are my favorite finds, so next time, when I’m feeling not quite up to par, these lovelies can lend their own particular ease to my disease and hopefully yours too!


First site, visit Pajamagram. Here you will find an array of fashions and fabrics, for you or anyone you know! This Vermont based company has gained a reputation for steady styling and quality products for over a decade. Whether you want something cutesy-flannel or something sexy-flimsy, you will find the right sleep-wear at this site, and your pajamas will arrive in a fabric hatbox, with lavender bath confetti and a “Do Not Disturb Sign.” Whether you succumb to the flu or just need a day to call your own, you will want to spend forever in any one of these comfortable pajamas, and look fabulous doing so!

Perhaps you are looking for something a tad more chic? Possibly in a sustainable and breathable fabric such as bamboo_ngbamboo? Or looking for something to wear beyond the bedroom, when a day on the couch going through your “Sex in the City” DVDs  is the best cure for what ails you… Then Stellina is the online site for you! Stellina, is a modern, comfy and sexy line of sleep-wear that doubles as lounge-wear from the talented designer Renee Faia. Renee claims on her site, (and one look at her line confirms her claim), that her garments can be worn just about anywhere! You will fall in love with this company, from cotton knit traditional pajamas, to a bamboo line that features a black scoop neck gown with adjustable straps, slits up to the knees, with 5% spandex so you can stretch, move, or stay curled up with your mug of chamomile tea and a favorite novel. Who could stay sick for long in this number? Not me!!!

So, you claim, you’re not really a pj type, but still want to update your boxy tee with baggy sweats look? I found Anthropologie to have an array of pretty and feminine possibilities, that look too good to keep you down for long! Bright and colorful these cozy loungers will lift you out of the doldrums (and, I was delighted to find out, they come in petite). Your joy is guaranteed with this spring time pattern!anthropologie Kiran Luster LoungersWhen looking at their dozens of tops, this cotton peplum hoodie caught my eye…  A woman could move right into wellness in this top, right? I love the little flounce, the warmth of the long sleeves, the palest pastel , and yes, the hood: clicked both right into my shopping cart!

anthropologie hooded peplum pullover

Being under the weather can be dreadful, but most certainly does not mean you have to suffer in decade old sleep-wear! In fact, it’s the best time for comfort and style to meet together, and then, whether you feel better or worse, you’ll be smiling!

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