Comfort: Part 1

Comfort: aren’t we all looking for it this time of year? At least those of us on the east coast in the northern hemisphere: comfort food, comfort wear, just complete comfort care. For me, on this last day of January, here in Vermont, comfort would be a day spent in my pajamas. Yet, despite the fact that comfort is what we all seek, our at-home comfort-wear almost always is on the shabby side.  I became painfully aware of this after a nasty-cold then achy-cough kept me bed-couch bound for a few days. Searching for something comfortable I rummaged through my bottom dresser drawer and pulled out a trusty over-size cotton tee and equally time-tested flannel bottoms; I can’t say I looked stylish, nor did it do my ego very good to pad around wearing what the Salvation Army would toss, so I started an online search to find lounge wear… I quickly discovered there is  a world to choose from, so I narrowed my focus on what styles I like to wear, what fabrics I want on my body, ultimately, what comfort means to me. Here are my favorite finds, so next time, when I’m feeling not quite up to par, these lovelies can lend their own particular ease to my disease and hopefully yours too!

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