Inspired by Nature

Spring comes with a welcome abundance for those of us who endured a long white winter… I find myself this May craving time outdoors, feeling the gentle spring sunshine, and taking in the copious colors and fragrances. On Saturday I drank my morning tea on the back deck taking in all the majesty and all that new green took my breath away! The field beyond my house danced with butterflies and happy dandelions; as I watched them fluttering about I thought about how in nature there is nothing wasted, nothing for naught, all is reused and renewed. This concept inspired my next fashion shoot while the orange on the butterfly wings, the salmon tulips in my garden, and the coral of the buds, all became part of my color palette.

I began this photo journey dressed for a Simple Saturday, my favorite no-plans kind of day. Armed with a reusable recycled bag ready for the farmer’s market and a reusable cup for an afternoon tea at my favorite shop, I am ready! Just like the natural world around us, I am containing my waste, renewing along the way, being deliberate to make a small difference.

This cotton shift is a hand-me-down from my mother. I can picture her dashing about in it from my early teen years after a trip she took with my father and brother to Haiti. Certainly, the volunteer work they did there had a lasting impact on all of us, as many of my siblings and I took to professions where service is at the core; it is with great pride that I wear this dress. All the hand-stitched figures show the agrarian culture of yesterday; the culture we need to keep alive and vibrant today.

My next look, also a recycled dress and also one that has hung in my closet for two decades, but always comes out when the breeze is warm and my mood is playful. I think this is a perfect brunch dress for a favorite cafe. The delicate floral pattern mirrors all the delicate garden blooms around me. I just want to raise a glass to cheer our brilliant world while wearing it!

The addition of gold sandals, bright orange and red bangles, and an airy scarf complete my finally it is spring-time happy-day look! Buds are popping, trees leafing out, flowers coloring our yard.

How about we go in another direction: a bit edgy or fashion forward?  Perhaps an outfit that goes from day to night with ease… Again following nature’s colors, I explored the range between bright orange and earthy brown to find my next look.

Rock-Star want-to-be sunglasses and red lipstick is all you need to set the mood for a night out… Love the pleated mini too!

By far, my favorite activity come green grass, is to lie on it! In nothing more than a light summer maxi! I love the striped and netted material of this shift. Protect your eyes but don’t forget to include the most important accessory: sunscreen!

No matter your fashion style, I hope you take time to walk barefoot, braid dandelions into your hair, and revel in all that glorious Spring offers us: some leisure time, some playful afternoons, and daring nights. I know I will be doing all that!

16 thoughts on “Inspired by Nature

  1. I cannot remember the dress…I remember the dear babies I took care of in Haiti…..You look fab,my dear in all the photo shoots…..right on …for Spring……Incredible you have the time to do all this as well as being an A.P. teacher. Lucky young SMART ones you teach…….But Spring…I so love it….my little plants are a joy to me……and my garden in the back is so pretty. I am known in the community as “the flower lady”……..but now to find the clothes that show off spring……like yours…..You should see my new scarf….light coral fluffy thing. I wore it Mother’s day with my coral jacket and wowed the church!!!!!!!So thank you,ninecentgirl,for that spring send-off!!!!!


  2. I understand what you mean about the feeling you get the minute spring arrives…the things around you are so beautiful, you’re feeling great about everything around you…yeah…I so love being outdoor and try to do that as soon as I finish stuff indoors.


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