Dance Party

Are you moved to dance every time you hear a rhythmic beat? And once you’re dancing, your mood lifts, possibilities expand, life just gets a whole lot sweeter? Well then… why not plot a dance party? Every musical genre creates a different mood, but the dance party I’m suggesting is a butt-shaking hip-hopping dance-ball-spinning kind of dance party. 

The following is my playlist recommendations for exhilarating hours of dance:

First on my list is Madonna; yes the Material Girl a forever ninecentgirl favorite. Start your playlist with “Into The Groove” and I guarantee once you hear this one all the moves you busted out in your twenties will rush back. In fact, the whole Like a Virgin CD will start your party off right. While you’re listing one name music icons, don’t forget dear Britney. Maybe her latest “Circus” didn’t smash your doors down, but it’s rocking enough to remind you why she sold over 100 million records during the decade she’s ridden the top of the charts. 

What’s next on the list? Well, with or without Maroon 5’s “Move like Jagger” play Jagger! The Rolling Stones “Miss You” from Forty Licks will get any rockers, old or young alike, kicking up their heels. From here, head right into Memory Tape’s “Bicycle” to keep those folks, and yourself, on the dance floor. 

Believe it or not, even rap makes my list. Snoop Dogg’s “Gangsta Luv,” from More Malace is perfect to, yes, dance, dance Dance! which reminds me of Lykke Li’s “Dance, Dance, Dance” from her Youth Novels CD. With Li you can catch your breathe a bit and partner dance; her song has a melodious refrain, so you’ll be singing too!

Did I mention Usher??? I mean seriously Atlanta, I have to applaud you for bringing us this dance floor diva boy wonder. Perhaps, search YouTube and dance WITH Usher! His “Somebody to Love” with Justin Bieber is thumping beat and catchy lyrics; afterwards head back to his Confessions album for all your sure fired-up favorites. I’d also suggest Ne-Yo: his “One in a Million” reminded me of Usher and got me shimmying!

By this point in your dance party you will be ready for some serious trance dance. DJ, musician, and producer extraordinaire ATB (Andre Tanneberger) will create magic every time; but let me suggest you download “My Saving Grace” for those pounding beats. Oh, and be prepared to hit the volume button several times because this song just gets better and better before it fades away. Another DJ, musician, and producer of trance dance, Avicil, is on repeat with his “Levels” (my only problem is I need to find a longer version!). 

Keep your dance party adrenaline going with Justin Timberlake, anything and everything, but if you need a starting tune, add “Like I Love You” from his debut album Justified (seriously Justin, #MakeMusicAgain!). At this point don’t let up, so bring on the ladies, such as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Adele, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Christina Aguilera, and mix-it up with those fabulous divas who just don’t quit, like Mariah Carey, MJ Blige, Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson. OH MY! Did you think I would overlook Michael Jackson! Anything and everything he danced to, you’ll want to dance to. Include “Beat It,” “Billy Jean,” and “Thriller”! Cascada’s “Evacuate the Dance Floor,” will do the exact opposite of it’s title; at my dance party this tune brings everyone to their feet.

Anyone who knows me, knows all my club dancing started with Black Box, and, if I can help it, this group will always be a staple on my playlist. For the uninitiated, this Italian house music group is a classic. “Everybody Everybody” will remind you that the 1980’s were more than Wall Street greed, it was dance lovers’ haven. 

Amy Winehouse may not be the first musician you think of when busting a move, but “Love is a Losing Game” will slow down the pace just enough for you to grab a partner for your best sultry moves. In fact, moving to her thick-throaty jazz-infused voice, you will want to end your dance party there. I think I will. 

So there you go–a playlist to get you dancing and keep you dancing. Even alone it will be a party, even in your kitchen, even in your slippers, but certainly if you can find that disco ball you used to spin way back when dance was your life. Ah, how great it is that you’re still smiling and dancing!

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