Dance Party

Are you moved to dance every time you hear a rhythmic beat? And once you’re dancing, your mood lifts, possibilities expand, life just gets a whole lot sweeter? Well then… why not plot a dance party? Every musical genre creates a different mood, but the dance party I’m suggesting is a butt-shaking hip-hopping dance-ball-spinning kind of dance party. 

The following is my playlist recommendations for exhilarating hours of dance:

First on my list is Madonna; yes the Material Girl a forever ninecentgirl favorite. Start your playlist with “Into The Groove” and I guarantee once you hear this one all the moves you busted out in your twenties will rush back. In fact, the whole Like a Virgin CD will start your party off right. While you’re listing one name music icons, don’t forget dear Britney. Maybe her latest “Circus” didn’t smash your doors down, but it’s rocking enough to remind you why she sold over 100 million records during the decade she’s ridden the top of the charts.  Continue reading