Zoo Days

All day the rain bounces on and off my green roof 

while the dark stratus moving along the horizon 
fills the three windows in my third story view; 
each formation reminds me of zoo creatures 
bound in cages we all visited as kids. 

The zoo where longhaired monkeys play family 
on bark-less tree stumps and green painted concrete 
floors easy to wash out by the uniformed 
official zookeepers where pretense of order is 
critical and maintained with bananas and oranges. 

Like the sleuth I sweep my focused beam into 
my fanciful echoing Marabar cave in exotic realms 
looking listening deciphering investigating 
my very impulses until the strain sends me 
searching for the sunlight above the stratus to write 

tall tales strange stories memorable anecdotes searing 
sadness flood my inner vision like this monsoon rain 
further separating me from the physical world while I steep
my afternoon chai focused on the abstract 
yet concrete world of my imagination 

meeting a history of people I 
am only just now inventing mentally: 
alienated sons and playful girls and 
lost wives stand solid in the ethereal 
captivating my mind’s eye with their stormy chatter.

But that’s not all of it because they are 
my invention and my sorrow and my passion 
all rolled together to create my fiction.

2 thoughts on “Zoo Days

  1. Whoa! I am absorbed totally into the “searing sadness” of something the zoo has set up and it fills my whole heart with a melencholy I can’t shake. The rain can’t help…..and I hope laughter fills your heart soon….You are writing….and that is so good……Best of breed,I say!


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