This blog is about Chai tea, not because I’m hopping on the trendy chai wagon, or that I want you to rush to Starbucks and order a frothy mix, but because for decades now, my extended family has come together around this brew of ginger, cardamon, milk and tea, and this partnership of yumminess is a piece of our life I want to share. In fact, as I write this, my spouse is graciously making a big pot right now which we will sit and sip together shortly.

Pajama Day

January’s cold snap can be depressing, but can also present the luxury to stay in one’s pajamas, a treat by any standard. By mid-January the alarm jolts you up and out in the still-blue dawn, and the day-to-day grind of ice-chipping and snow-removal and the barrage of storm warnings run your every second. In this winter world, this relentless reality, one really needs to find a way to retreat and refuel. Here’s my fool-proof, two-step guide to do just that and make it through:

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