Light in the Dark

What a week! Without going into too many, or any actual details, suffice to say, this week has been a tough one. Days that start in the dark predawn and end with the same blackness all around, with little time to get outside or feel any sunshine are onerous. Seems like burdens just mount after a string of days like that, doesn’t it? Hard to motivate. Thankfully, I live with a dedicated illuminator, who takes her job seriously, and plots out all the ways to shine brilliant light in the darkest of the dark days.

Strands of holiday lights are stretched across our living room floor, bulbs checked, all the thinking done inside before we brave the wind and cold, the ladders and extension cords. There is much to sort through when deciding just how to light up anew this season. Hard to stay dreary when colored lights fill your afternoon and bust open those shadows hanging all about. Yes, throw a few lights inside and out, and watch your joy bound.

Of course this little nugget does much to brighten our every moment. His smile just slays until you too break into laughter. Find the light my friends, hold it tight, and let it shine.


12 thoughts on “Light in the Dark

  1. Oh, that sweet face has me smiling! We string lights inside our house, too. It’s the little things that mean so much. Sorry for the rough week, but you guys know how to banish those blues.

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