New Dawn

From my yoga mat
The window revealed sunrise
To be spectacular.

My eye was caught up
In the morning’s brilliant hues:
A promising dawn.

Night broke to purple
Then to streaks of magenta.
A sky of bright pink
Welcomed me into the dawn
And sent me off feeling joy.

Everyone with an
iPhone leapt up to take a
Photo of their world.
We can’t help ourselves because
the red sky is outrageous.

The Chinese Lunar New Year is an invitation for a fresh start. So open the doors to joy and luck and share it all with family and friends. Send out those good vibes to all the world. With a sunrise like this one, how could we not feel the explosive power of dawn?

Did you know, one happy occasion has the power to dispel the effects of three negative ones? What a relief, right? Package up your hurt and distress and allow that stuff to be extinguished by the delight bubbling up around and within your little life. Let that exuberance boldly dictate the new day ahead.

For what is the tiger if not fierce and brave and intimidating? Swift and decisive? Elegant and sleek? A kitty yet far from a kitty. On this day, set your house in order and walk with determination into your good fortune. Truly, this new dawn, with a tiger by your side, is worth cheering about.




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