Nine Cent Girl is Celebrating!

As this blogger gets ready to cross into year 11, Nine Cent Girl is also celebrating her 500th post! What started as an avenue to write with consistency, and gain an immediate audience, has most definitely proven to be all that and more. Between comments and emails and texts and in-person conversations, the validation to keep at it has certainly fueled me beyond what I envisioned all those years ago. A big thank you is due to all my Nine Cent Girl readers, many times over. I must admit I’ve loved this journey with you by my side, and together, hold hope I’ll keep blogging into the foreseeable future.

One of my first tasks when Nine Cent Girl was only a concept, was to imagine a look for myself and a direction for my posts. What would I write about? Well, I first aimed broadly: FASHION, FAMILY, FOOD… LIFE! Attempting to narrow it down, I wrote this statement:

Welcome to my blog, Nine Cent Girl, which is my musings on family, food, and fashion, basically all life brings. This is not a philosophical or an epicurean or haute couture site, but instead a place to affirm all your own notions. I hope my nine cents will encourage you to live life fully!

This photo became a guiding image for my first years. I felt determined, adventuresome, dreamy, and hopefully encouraging so readers felt good about wherever they are in life.

For so many of my early fashion posts I played with costuming, and had a blast with seasonal photo shoots with my sweetie. Mostly I just rummaged through my closet and pieced together looks with theme in mind. Sometimes, as with this spring shoot from years ago, a visit to Michaels was in order. This photo epitomizes that creative energy I tried to muster each season, as well as the campy fun we brought to the shoots. My always point with styling was this simple message: let every day be an opportunity for self-expression. For me, this is what an artist’s vision is about, being true to the moment.

Of course there is something about being confessional; revealing and baring it all or some, on the weekly, that has become part of my writing. For ever it seemed that fiction would be my avenue (and is the place I go when I really want to lose myself) but blogging has pushed me to read more, research thoroughly, question my views, and explore a trillion topics through these 500 posts. And look within. Certainly grief found an outlet in my blog, as did anxiety, and always hope. Politics and science popped up with frequency too, especially these last years, along with all the hot buttons those two topics now hold.

As so many bloggers do, I took you all with me, as I slipped through the canals of Venice, flew through the night from coast to coast, danced under stars and swam everywhere. Travel is a potent elixir which makes me yearn for more of it. COVID has temporarily halted many excursions, yet has given me much time to look back into memory, reliving my many explorations with friends and family, and feeling gratitude over such good fortune. But… I can’t wait to once again stroll across cobblestones, spy towering spires, admire mountain tops and mysterious ravines, and taste all exotic dishes one can.

Speaking of tasty, how wonderful is just about every food? As a not too excited cook, I have been very fortunate to live with a great one. From making Christmas cookies to her own soups, Nine Cent Girl recipes are tried and true in our home. I invite you to look back on those links as well as sift through the 500 posts to find others you might enjoy. Dishes found while exploring Prince Edward Island still haunt my taste buds… from delectable breakfasts to fish straight from the sea, we found a score of meals worth repeating.

Perhaps blogging has really been for me all along. Finding one’s core beliefs has led me to search inside and out. Where to next? is my favorite daydream these days. Onto my yoga mat for all the richness that active meditation grants, or lacing up for a contemplative run, regardless, many of my posts have been about digging in and finding that core. There is no doubt I love shinning the light into the dark places, and I love wandering into the sunshine too. Both are visible in countless posts, and generate many aspirations I still hold. I do hope you all will come along on all the new adventure.

If you haven’t already, please become an email subscriber. Relying on platforms like Facebook to share my weekly post fills me with more and more unease. Between the spread of misinformation and the out and out lies, I would love to separate further from that toxic space.

If you are a relatively new Nine Cent Girl reader, follow all the links I provided in this post to read more, or search for yourself within the categories listed on the right side of this post.

But most of all, do let me know about anything you connect with, or anything else you’d like to share. After all, you are the fuel for much of Nine Cent Girl. You and me together.

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