Giving Thanks

There are many days that come in with a brilliant dawn and race into blue. Days when every piece fits with precision and one knows exactly why they are doing what it is they do. These are the golden days we cheer on, the days we hold on to, the very ones we celebrate. But there are others. Messy and awkward and ugly. When we wander, lost, lonely and even in fear. Today, we gather those up too, as we scoop up the mashed potatoes onto our too full plates, and unburden ourselves with those who know us, and yet, love us still.

I am a fan of ritual and markers. Today is one worth sharing with people who support you as you journey along. Giving thanks for these crazy strings looping between us. These brilliant lights that take us on and on even through the dark.

Fill up your platters, don something glittery, and tell your whole story. Really, what else should we do today?

All love my dear Nine Cent Girl fans. My always gratitude goes to each one & all! xxxo

One thought on “Giving Thanks

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    A reblog is in order today, as I have busied myself with an early and festive Turkey Trot, getting the bird into the oven, a snowy woods walk with my sweetie, and now peeling potatoes! The day proves to end with a most yummy meal, but first let me leave you with this post from 2019, and all my very best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving, xxoo

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