Are you a gun owner?

When I was in high school there was a smoking room in my boarding-school dorm. Back then people smoked everywhere. Doctors smoked in their office. The dentist smoked between drilling and filling. Adults smoked in living rooms and cars, even while reading nite-nite books to their toddler. Every restaurant, tavern, and airplane accommodated smokers. Yet now, there are whole cites that have banned smoking in all public areas. Why? Because of the simple fact that tobacco smoke, even second-hand, kills you. Yes, that’s a real fact. So how did this highly-funded-lying-lobbying industry lose its voice? “The lobby began to lose power as the industry lost credibility, Brandt said” (Keck). In hindsight change from lies to truth seems simple enough, even a lie with sex-appeal and allure, once we stop believing in it.

tree in dawn

These changes didn’t happen overnight or with anti-smokers alone on the frontline (sadly the tobacco industry is still making record breaking profits); regardless of industry, people in the U.S. defeated this epidemic. Now is when we must ask gun owners to enter the conversation on gun safety. Yes, you, gun owner. You say, it’s your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms? Of course, I would think a muzzleloader might be what our forefathers thought appropriate on that one, but if you think a Glock with a silencer or better yet, a AK-15 is what James Madison imagined as he crafted those words, then I’d suggest you start talking with the children in our torn-up America who are trying to avoid being slaughtered while learning geometry or Spanish or building with blocks, because you’re the smokers in this scenario. You’re the ones who are blowing your carcinogen in the faces of the rest of us. So instead of slipping out the back door while we march, please, I’m asking in my most sincere manner, stay and let’s talk.

What solution do you propose to stop the epidemic of mass-murder and suicide that has erupted in nearly 300 schools since 2013? Yes, solution, because what students demand, and are owed, living in the greatest military power in the world is safety.

map of school shootings since 2013

This dialogue can’t get anywhere without you, because, well because you guys own a lot of guns.

guns to people stats

I get it. You want to bear Arms? to form a well regulated Militia? as in this is your Right? Okay, but what are you going to do about the fact that schools are being held captive to lock-down procedures, institutionalized war tactics, generating crippling fear and anxiety levels in our next generation? Guns + you leaving the conversation to the gun manufacturer’s lobbyists + their well-funded politicians = more mass-murder. That’s an unacceptable formula, don’t you agree?

We all need to stand together. Not One More. That’s the bottom line. Where we go from here is on you all.

2 thoughts on “Are you a gun owner?

  1. Great post. Totally agree. This must stop. Drivers of cars can certainly see why they need to follow rules; have a licence and be tested and insured to be able to drive. It is very reasonable. The same people who advocate their right to own an assault rifle have to go down to the DMV just like the rest of us. I think there are many responsible gun owners who see this and support gun control. I hope anyway. There are those crazies out there that are emboldened by the current political atmosphere.

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    • Thank you for reading, for caring, and for sharing your thoughts, and hopes. Americans care about kids, family, and their communities, but somehow twisted in those beliefs is fear. A fear propagated by crafty lobbyists, whose answer is to buy more weapons. But I believe our children are rising up to demand we drop the political lies, and remember our basic morals. They are worth listening to… they are worth protecting.

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