a worthwhile story

Days and months and seconds and years melt into memory

Past reaches behind us under us filling in the white space

And all the while nothing stagnates nothing remains solid

The dance continues the march the pursuit the ride

Moving us along the days months seconds and years

Sunrise in Vermont

History our history evolved from raw flesh and broken bones

Leaving a map transient and fleeting as footprints in the sand

There only for a second until the salty crash of wave sweeps our trace bare

Our impression our step our mark formed for the entirety of a moment

Tulips in front of an antique mirror

Ahead is always the promise the dream the idealism and hope

Even in our angst glowing possibility draw us onward

Together we see ourselves together woven together tight

And as we cast our sight into the horizon we meld into one

Blue sky and clouds over the snowy hill

Dance with me sister and let the devil be damned and all hell break loose

Let the angels sing and the dandelions scatter because in the end

In the bitter end it will only be the blisters we form from loving too hard

That will make a worthwhile story to recite during winter nights

date night

And our story will always be the one I want to hear


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