It’s Sugar Time!

Tis the Sweet Season! Sugar houses all around are bursting with steam as the boiling continues into the night. Vermont does a few things well, but does maple syrup best. Hope you enjoy this look back at a favorite post as sugaring peaks again, xxoo

Nine Cent Girl

IMG_5307In late March–early April, Spring remains subtle in northern Vermont. Snow still covers the higher ground, while in the valley only the smallest of flowers break through the hard frozen earth. Sunny days might drive the temperature into the 40’s but nighttime sends it back below freezing. This pattern makes most of us stir crazy, but for the maple sugar maker this is a formula for success. Steam rising from sugar shacks once the boiling begins becomes the sign that Spring has indeed arrived and the sugar makers have no control over these fast and furious few weeks; once the nighttime stays too warm the sap slows and eventually stops. This labor intensive process can occupy a whole extended family and their neighbors, all coming together to gather the gallons of sap, boil it down and bottle the syrup.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Sugar Time!

  1. My dad grew up in Hartland. He and my grandfather had a sugar shack often reached on snow shoes.

    We ALWAYS have a bottle of Vermont Maple Syrup on hand for pancakes, sweet potatoes, baked beans, etc. It’s the BEST!

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