Welcome to 2016. Starting off a new year in January does seem a cruel joke, don’t you think? Yet despite the lack of light and frigid temperature, during these first weeks we each hope to ease into our grandiose New Year’s resolutions. We envision an large scale awakening. A life-changing dawning. For there is nothing quite like a new year to get your mind daring to dream. We all do it. This year is no different; except this year I encourage you act, perhaps on a smaller scale, but take one step. What do you yearn for during mid-afternoon tea? What fabulous tableau awakens you on an ordinary Wednesday night? What propels you out of bed on a day off? Can you fuel this New Year’s resolution with that passion? I bet you can. I’m betting we both can.


We each are here, on this bustling planet, for a purpose, and that is the unique discovery we all must make. I don’t know about you, but I am entirely impressed with those among us, who, tirelessly make this world better. These people always seem to have a long list of checked-off To-Do’s which don’t center around themselves but instead the Food Shelf or Community Center, they mentor and coach and volunteer and network, and from my vantage do so with passion and unbounding energy. Their purpose is filled with giving and is reflected on those they serve. There are plenty of others who simply do whatever it is they do, but do so with a smile, and lightness, and when you leave them, you too feel buoyant and cheery. These people are like a pastel dawn, each bringing us gifts along the way, making our load a tad lighter, showing us joy filtered between the darkness.

Perhaps this is the year you realize a singular purpose. Not earth-shattering or life-altering, but something that will make a tiny difference. Like you decide to draw really spunky cats contagious as a broad smile. Or spin beats that keep everyone on the dance floor longer. Or you’re more present with your young children. Or your contagious humor causes the office crew to belly laugh during their tiresome afternoon. Yes. With one small resolution, a tiny difference to your world is within reach.

onebigpicBut it is January in my northeastern terrain and temperatures hoover below the freezing mark day after day, making each external movement a chore, so we also need help each other out. My Facebook feed is filled with newly formed groups, lending support for exercise, eating healthy, staying positive, and sharing one’s triumphs; and I am happily subscribing to all of them. Every suggestion, every idea, every photo that keeps me gazing up, I’ll take.

2pic2My resolutions in 2016? Kindness even when it feels undeserved. Silence instead of bitter quips. Drinking more water and eating more vegetables than yesterday. Walking, outside, and when it is impossible, come up with as many reasons as possible to go up and down the stairs or over to the secretary’s desk and back three more times; just moving my body and at the same time allowing myself to dream myself into a new dream.

My wish? Let 2016 be the year you do what you said you were going to when you were 23 and filled withย crazy-ass dreams and wacko hopes and secret desires.

8 thoughts on “Dawnings

    • Perfect description! The sky did indeed look scratched with streaks of pink crisscrossing the blue. It was so breathtaking I had to stop and snap a few shots. You never really can capture the dawn fully, but I keep trying!

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  1. What a wonderful article Moira! Your 2016 resolutions are very inspiring and empowering! As I never really have a new year resolution, I do wish to rest more this year.., I’m getting tired from my job and I also want to do more travelling.
    Beautiful images.., the colours are magic!!

    Viv X


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