Nature Restores

Sometimes you just need to get away, float into the mist, and let yourself rediscover exactly why you are here, today, on this swirling planet. #Blessed. #Grateful. I had time enough to rest, restore, and rejuvenate in this magical place.



Time to walk along the old pathways. Run into the woods. Scramble on the rocks. Find your way on the earth.


Every vista here at Mohonk Mountain House is worth stopping and taking in. Whether you are on a porch rocker or a wooden gazebo, the lake commands attention. In April it is too cold to swim, but we stroll around mesmerized by the shimmering light.


Plants, flowers, inside and out, remind us to seek beauty in nature. Each bursting with color and life. Renewal in practice.



Grandmother. Mother. Daughter. This is how we find our way. Through earth and sky and all that comes in between.


Photo credits: Myself, marnika weiss & Tate Donovan

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