Free To Be…

If you have the good fortune to catch a small-town parade this Fourth of July, then these pictures will look familiar to you… If not, I hope they are the slice of nostalgia you are looking for today!

A good parade starts with the local veterans carrying our red white and blue flag while you find a place to watch!

You can’t beat the local daycare float, filled with the kids and their creations

Free to be energy independent with this refitted tractor

Colorful floats and old cars aplenty

Horses and ponies make a strong showing

Everyone loves the local high school marching band!

There is always one little girl, decked in her most patriotic, and this one stole the show with her wagon float

Hula-hooping while marching– impressive!

The Bill of Rights float gets a big cheer!

The marching fife band and the colonial ladies are in tune and in step!

Afterwards, a giant slice of watermelon for me…

Now that’s how to celebrate our freedom!!

7 thoughts on “Free To Be…

  1. I love the Independence Day parades – I missed them this year, because I’m new to this state and hadn’t set aside time to find out WHEN & WHERE they would be celebrating in unified march before the 4th. However, I did catch the fireworks show in my area. So many of us parked and pitched lawn chairs and blankets — all on one accord to CELEBRATE. It was beautiful. Unity resided within the 30-minute moment that the fireworks show was. Afterwards we all got into our cars and went back to our solo lives. But I — I’m still marching to that unified beat. I’m constantly firing off positive statements in hopes someone will pitch a lawn chair and/or join me in a positive march.

    UNITY anyone?

    There’s no need to wait for parades on the 4th of July — let’s do it today. lol! I’ve got the flag and a banner that reads “The 9th of July”. lol! Let’s march and be happily united everyday. Are you in? (-:

    –Happy July 9th. Let LIFE be the reason. )))HUGS(((


  2. Haha, love your last photo with the watermelon for me! Great, and thanks for the parade…I missed our 4th of July parade so yours filled the gap. πŸ™‚


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