Summer’s End

The guardians of all good things tell us all these good times must end, which means summer too must end…but before it does, we get to have one last blast, right? Exactly what that blast means is different for all…however, I hope you are out and about enjoying this holiday weekend! Before posting I checked in some family members and this is where they are …
All three children are taking part in one of the many outdoor mega-concerts happening from the east coast clear across to the west coast.


Our youngest and his crew are at New York’s Electric Zoo, representing for his site, StopBreatheBump: three dance-filled days featuring big DJ’s such as Tiesto, David Guetta and Armin van Buuren, but there are also dozens of others performing for the over 50,000 party goers, some spending Labor Day weekend in face-paint, glitter and maybe even fairy wings, or not; certainly all are on their feet pounding the dusty fields into the wee hours.

Clear across the country, in Los Angeles, on this same weekend, is the FYF Fest, (I’ll let you discover what the initials stand for) featuring scores of indie, punk, or post-rock bands, along with prominent comedians, and this is where our two oldest are with friends. Here, too, the crowd, numbered in the tens of thousands, are cheering their favorite groups across multiple stages. And unlike their east coast rivals, there is no need to worry about passing thunderstorms or the threat of rain in LA…In the midst of this musical-heaven everyone pushes summer joy to it’s limit…
Here in Vermont, Labor Day Weekend means Big State Fairs. Up and down the state people are turning up for tractor pulls and carnival rides and snow cones and corn dogs and pig races and prize tomatoes and live music.
We head to the Champlain Valley Fair at summer’s end to hear the bands (this year we caught the Doobie Brothers who played both the old favorites and some new rocking tunes), eat a perfect ear of sweet corn, along with a pint of Al’s fries, and fried dough sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. (Yes, I know, detoxing comes later!!) There are rides for those who want to spin or twist or hang upside down, exhibit tents featuring every craft item imaginable, and circus acrobats up on the high wire. Of course the prize winning animals, from Holstein cows to long-haired rabbits, are here too. A perfect night at the fair always makes the start of school, the transition from summer to autumn, all the more bitter sweet.
 For a lucky few, summer’s end is gracefully prolonged by a River Cruse in France (such as the one my mother and her dear sister are on right now, traveling from Burgundy to Provence, ending in Paris for three last glorious days…)
Ah, now that’s a September to remember! While we may not be there, we can vicariously enjoy every castle vista, every twist of the slow-moving river, every perfectly chilled vintage wine via their emails and postcards … Until they, too, return to the colder nights and busier week that compose the rest of our working year.
No matter, extended vacation or not, all summer days must and do come to an end. But I advise, after you catch that last Fair ride, or finish the big bag of kettle corn you brought home, or dance the day and night away and ready yourself for what lies ahead… leave your bathing suit handy for an Indian summer’s afternoon dip and keep fine-tuning your ability to be spontaneous when you can. Isn’t that what summer has been teaching us all along?

One thought on “Summer’s End

  1. What a beautiful tribute to 3 generations of rejoicing in the marvels of summer…..the poignant good-bye to a beautiful time of vacations,colors,,new growth closeness…. A beautiful reflection for all of us to enjoy.


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