Hats Make the Moment

Hats, hats, and more hats…! With designer Philip Treacy’s hats adorning the royals at the Royal Wedding as well as many of the mannequins at Alexander McQueen’s record-breaking retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, hats are what this summer is about. Although I am a fair-skinned gal and my dermatologist (and my colorist as well!) chide me mercilessly to stay away from the sun, wearing a hat because it dresses up an otherwise ordinary summer event is reason enough. 

Out in my flower garden perusing the perennials this straw hat with a quirky shape and large brim is nonpareil when I need to dash out to cut flowers for the table. Light and airy is another plus as this summer hit record temperatures. I found this little hat in a Santa Monica shop and carried it carefully on my lap the whole six hour flight home. I keep it by the back door to grab on my way out and am always happier while wearing it…

My linen hat with a crimson silk flower and lace trim is suitable for an idyllic English Tea-Party (as in the dignified British tea or even a Mad-Hatter soiree, not that newfangled, rookie political pack). Hand-crafted and bought from a local boutique close to 25 years ago, I’ve worn this bonnet to every graduation and wedding I’ve attended ever since. This summer I decided to wear it into town just randomly, instead of keeping it tucked away in tissue paper for those special events. Smart, right?  

This snazzy fedora was another of my tucked away in tissue paper hats, primarily because it is a treasured hand-me-down from my grandmother. After I discovered a slight fray along a top crease, I thought this the summer to wear this hat out before time does that for me… Complete with a polka-dot band, wearing this hat makes even my Monday workday feel like a party is just around the corner.My grandmother formed the bend in the brim decades ago so while I wear it I coast on her je ne sais quoi style. 

Beach hats come in every style and color possible. I lucked into this navy cap, passed via my father-in-law and couldn’t be happier… Shades my eyes just right to stare out into the horizon for hours and hours. Really, isn’t that all you need at the beach?

Of course, every girl needs an all-purpose hat, one for walking or hiking in all the beauty of the Green Mountain state. Lovely, don’t you think? My view of Mt. Mansfield is even better knowing I am protected by this wide brim floppy sun hat…

Whatever your style or preference I hope you have a pile of fun with hats this summer–wear them with your own je ne sais quoi style –keep your brim down and your eyes on the horizon!

3 thoughts on “Hats Make the Moment

  1. Clever!Clever! To have pictures of your delectible hats……The only one missing was the peaked hat,The box was empty BUT you discribed it so well,I can see it……We all should be wearing hats. I’m going to do that tomorrow…into NY,shopping. Thank you for the suggestion……


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