Be the Spring

ย While the 5 1/2 months of snow drift finally melts from the yard, the faintest green of crocus is breaking through the brown of our garden beds. With this hint of spring I am drawn to search into the back of my closet to undo the restraints of my utilitarian winter garb. I take inspiration from the 1920’s mavericks who yearned for freedom, striped off their Victorian corsets along with the limitations set upon women of their day: they marched for their voice–for the vote–for all we have today in terms of female liberty and their unconfined dress screamed autonomy. As I await the buds and color just around the corner, I break out a bit myself, choosing a flowing vintage silk shift to wear while wandering about the awakening trees in the morning light.
In eager anticipation, I ponder the ease that spring will bring: for adornment simply tie a crocheted band around one’s head, instead of cladding in wool and the bulk of all that winter demands.
Aren’t tights just the best accessory right now? All the patterns and designs mimic images of vines and flowers: Spring!!
ย And who can resist a floppy linen hat complete with a silk flower? A spring and summer must have!

I am moved to mix the eras, reflecting both the roar of the 1920’s with a gold ribbon around my hair and a short snappy dress, combined with the contemporary practicality of leggings and the merrymaking of TOMS sparkly slip-ons. Makes me happy to have TOMS on, knowing I have helped clad a child’s feet and being comfy all day long!
While we all wait patiently for May, I advise you to find color somewhere… a floral head scarf, a brightly printed dress or top, a lipstick to reminds you of every flower coming soon. Whether you conjure up a daring darling from the 1920’s or dig through your old hippy garb or discover a handmade thrifted dress, be the spring we are all eagerly anticipating.ย 
Wish I had a bouquet on hand to pass on to you all… Oh well, next month perhaps…

5 thoughts on “Be the Spring

  1. oh my!!!!!! How wonderful to jump right into Spring… many need that fullfillment of promise….”yes” spring will come!! And you have brought it to us so vividly……Thank you,oh Happy Blog!!!!!Loved it….moved to start some planting!!!!


  2. I LOVE digging in my closet to find forgotten things! Your mysterious back-of-the-closet escapades always seem to yield crazy, vintage-y things that always make me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. you’re a stylist! always loved that first dress ๐Ÿ™‚ and can you please start wearing that gold headband on a daily basis?


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